The University emblem is comprised of Phar Raja Lanja Korn-the seal of H.M.King Bhumipol-lying in an oval, circled by the name of the University in Thai and English. The five colors of the emblem have the following symbolic meanings:

Royal Blue symbolizes the throne of His Majesty the king who granted the name “Rajabhat University”.
Green : symbolizes the green environment of the Rajabhat University amidst nature and scenery.
Gold : symbolizes the prosperity of wisdom.
Orange : symbolizes the prosperity of local arts and culture.
White : symbolizes the wisdom of HM King Bhumipol Adulyadej.


Colors of the University
“Orange and Black”
Orange symbolizes the prosperity of all arts and sciences offered by the University.
Black symbolizes the university students and the staff’s devotion to society.
Orange and Black symbolizes the uniqueness of the graduates who have acquired knowledge and abilities and are truly devoted to society.


Flag of The University

The flag of Phuket Rajabhat University is a rectangle with a stripe that runs the length of the flag and divides it into two colors: orange is above stripe and black is below stripe. The emblem of the institution is in the middle.


Motto of The University

“Sati Panya Parharati” or “Consciousness is a tool to control wisdom’’. This means that wisdom under the control of consciousness can lead us to our goal in life safely and successfully, and also help us to avoid being the victim of any evil which would destroy life.



Phuket Rajabhat University 21 Moo 6 Thepkrasattri Road, Rassada, Muang Phuket, 83000 Thailand

Telephone: +66-76-211-959 Fax: +66-76-211-778